CTI (Phone) Integrations
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We can integrate with most systems that have a Salesforce Call Center adapter. Each integration should only require three things:

  1. An XML configuration file (supplied by your CTI provider)
  2. A client program that runs on the desktop (supplied by your CTI provider)
  3. Some configuration (described here)

Integration Features

Here is what you can expect from your CTI integration:

  • Click-to-dial - Phone numbers on the screen will be clickable and will automatically dial.
  • Screen Pops - When an inbound call is received, the phone number will be searched for across your Prospects. If exactly one Prospect is found, that record will automatically pop up in a new browser window. If zero or multiple numbers are found, the 'Search and Create' screen will pop up and show you the results that it found so you can pick the right one or create a new one.
  • In-browser softphone - A softphone widget stays open in the left sidebar that will show you information about the current call and let you dial and hang-up.
  • Call Logging - All calls automatically create a call record for the user that received or placed the all with details of duration and phone number that was connected to.

Setup Files

We have collected the following files needed for common integrations. If your telephony system isn't listed here you will need to obtain them from your telephony provider.

Set Up Click-To-Dial

  1. Download and install the desktop client application on each computer that will use CTI
  2. Download the XML Configuration file (just once)
  3. Login to improveit! 360 as the Administrator
  4. Go to Setup | App Setup | Customize | Call Center | Call Centers
  5. Click Import
  6. Use the XML Configuration file as the Call Center Definition File and click Import
  7. After the import you should see the Call Center listed. Click on the Call Center name.
  8. Click Manage Users
  9. Click Add More Users
  10. Leave the filter fields blank and click Find to show all users
  11. Select the checkboxes next to each user who will use CTI and click Add to Call Center

Set Up Screen Pops

  1. Complete all the steps under 'Set Up Click-To-Dial'
  2. Login to improveit! 360 as the Administrator
  3. Go to Setup | App Setup |Customize | Call Center | Soft Phone Layouts
  4. Click Edit next to the Standard SoftPhone (or create a New one)
  5. Next to Display these salesforce.com objects click Add/Remove Objects
  6. Update the list so only Prospect is listed under Selections
  7. Under Screen Pop Settings, next to No Matching Records, click Edit
  8. Select Pop to Visualforce Page and enter 'i360__ProspectSearch'
  9. Repeat for Multiple Matching Records
  10. Click Save