Outlook Integrations
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Improveit! 360 supports a robust integration with Outlook using the native Salesforce for Outlook desktop application. The integration is two-way for Events and Tasks and one-way for Appointments and Project Activities. Marketing Tasks are not synced.

Supported Outlook Versions and Limitations

The integration requires a small desktop application to be installed on a PC that is also running Outlook and must be left running. Here is the most up-to-date list of supported versions of Outlook and Windows that are supported.

  • This integration will NOT work on a Mac.
  • This integration will NOT work if you are using Outlook exclusively through a web browser.


Installation details go here.

Syncing Appointments and Project Activities

The Appointments in improveit! are synced one-way - from improveit! to Outlook. To change an Appointment time, you must log in to improveit! 360 and make the changes. The same is true of Project Activities - changes must be made in improveit! The following information is synced to Outlook:

  • Appointment Date and Time
  • Appointment Address
  • Prospect First and Last Name

Syncing Events and Tasks

Events and Tasks will be synced two-way. So anything added to your Outlook calendar will show up in improveit! as an Event, and any Events created in improveit! will show up on your Outlook calendar. The same is true for Tasks. Note that Tasks are not the same as Marketing Tasks, which are not synced.

Support for mobile users, cloud only users, and Mac users

Riva Cloud is a third party solution that works entirely in the cloud, and can sync your Outlook to improveit! without the need for any desktop software. This has been tested and works well with improveit! 360, although not all features are supported. Note that there is a per-user fee for their service.

Support for non-users

The integration only works for people who have their own login to improveit! 360. However, if you assign an Appointment or Project Activity to someone, an email is sent to them with the details of the event and an ICS file that will add the event to their preferred calendar. This is a great option to send Appointments to contractors or personnel who do not need access to the system.