HomeAdvisor Integration

Setup the HomeAdvisor Webhook
1. Login as the System Administrator
2. Go to Setup > Develop > Sites
3. If there are no Sites listed, you will have to choose a domain. If a domain is listed, skip to Step 4.

  • As a best practice, use your full company name as a run on word. For example, “ABC Remodeling” becomes “abcremodeling”.
  • Double check the spelling because you can't undo this once you click 'Register'!
  • Accept the terms and click Register My Force.com Domain.

4. Now that the domain is set up, click New in the 'Sites' area. (If a domain was already set up then you will start here.)
5. Leave the 'Type of new Site' as 'Guest' and click Continue.
6. Fill in the form with the following values:

  • Site Label: HomeAdvisor
  • Site Name: HomeAdvisor
  • Active checkbox: TRUE
  • Active Site Home Page : HomeAdvisorPost
  • Leave all other fields blank

7. Click Save
8. On the Site Details screen, copy your company's 'Force.com Address' - this is the URL HomeAdvisor needs. Be sure to format the URL correctly. Read these instructions carefully.
9. Send an email to your representative at HomeAdvisor

  • Let them know you want to set up an integration with improveit! 360
  • Include the force.com web address of your company's site so that HomeAdvisor can post leads to it. Your web address should be formatted like this: https://<<Secure Web Address».secure.force.com/i360__HomeAdvisorPost?
  • Be sure you replace the text «Secure Web Address» with your company's Force.com web address.
  • For example, if your company is ABC Remodeling, the finished URL would look like this: https://ABCremodeling.secure.force.com/i360__HomeAdvisorPost?

Next you will need to setup the Public Access Settings
1. Click on the Site Label (in this case ABC Remodeling)

  • Click the ‘Public Access Settings’ button, then click Edit.

2. Under Custom Object Permissions, Remove the ability to Create a Source (uncheck the “Create” checkbox):

3. Under Custom Object Permissions, Give the ability to Read, Create, Edit and Delete the following Objects: Prospect, Lead Source, Marketing Opportunity, Interests, Interest Selections, Appointment, and eLead

4. After you Save the changes to the Custom Object Permissions, but Before you leave the User Profile page you will need to Enable Visualforce Page Access. You can hover over this section on the User Profile page and click Edit.

5. Choose all Available Visualforce Pages and Add them to the “Enabled Visualforce Pages.” When you are finished, the setting should look like this:

6. You’re done!

HomeAdvisor eLead Troubleshooting
In this document we will review the 3 most common issues around an eLead integration with HomeAdvisor, and how to resolve each issue.
1. Each time a new eLead comes in, a duplicate HomeAdvisor ‘Marketing’ Source is created.
a. This issue is caused when the eLead User (sometimes called the “Public Site Guest User” or “HomeAdvisor Site Guest User”) does not have the correct Custom Object Permissions.
b. Go to the Sources Tab and identify the User who is creating the duplicate Sources. Go to Setup  Manage Users  Users  and locate the User causing the duplicate Sources.
c. Click on the User’s Profile (sometimes called “HomeAdvisor Profile” or “eLead Connection Profile”). Then click Edit.
d. Under Custom Object Permissions, be sure the Profile does NOT have the ability to Create new Marketing Sources (uncheck the “Create” checkbox for Sources).

2. The Source Name or Source Type are not formatted the way our company would like.
a. This issue is common! HomeAdvisor dictates how their Name and Source Type are pushed into improveit 360. Most often the Name is: “HomeAdvisor” and the Source Type is: “Lead Provider” however, HomeAdvisor can customize the naming conventions of both the Type and the Source Name. Some clients would like the Source to be categorized under the Type “Pay per Lead” or “Internet.”
b. Reach out to your HomeAdvisor representative and let them know you would like to customize the eLead integration, particularly the marketing “Type” designation.

3. Our company has a large number of eLeads which are not Converting to Prospects, Lead Sources and Marketing Opportunities.
a. If the system detects a partial match to an existing Prospect record, the eLead will not be automatically converted.
b. Locate an eLead with a Conversion Issue. You’ll see the checkbox in the 'Conversion Information' section on the eLead record. If the 'Conversion Issue' box is checked and the Prospect and Lead Source fields are blank, the system could not create a Prospect and Lead Source from the eLead.

c. Click the 'Convert' button at the top of the page to manually convert the eLead into a Prospect.

d. The System will run the eLead information through the Search and Create tool to show you the duplicate or missing information that prevented that eLead from being converted.

e. In the example above the eLead entered a phone number, that matches another Prospect. If the eLead is a different household than the Prospect, click ‘Create New’ and select ‘Prospect.’ The system will populate the eLead’s contact information and interests, then click ‘Save’.
f. If the eLead information is a duplicate of a Prospect already in the database, click the ‘Use’ button and a new Lead Source record and Marketing Opportunity record will be added to the existing Prospect. NOTE: The Lead Source record will indicate that you received the Prospect’s information again, but this time from a different marketing Source.