HomeAdvisor Integration

HomeAdvisor can send leads to your system by posting to a public URL called a webhook. This must be manually set up for each improveit 360 system.

To set up the HomeAdvisor webhook:

  1. Login as the Administrator
  2. Go to Setup | Develop | Sites
  3. If there are no Sites listed, you will have to choose a domain.
    • As a best practice, use your full company name as a run on word. For example, 'Image Landscaping' becomes 'imagelandscaping'.
    • Double check the spelling because you can't undo this once you click 'Register'!
    • Accept the terms and click Register My Force.com Domain.
  4. Now that the domain is set up, click New in the 'Sites' area. (If a domain was already set up then you will start here.)
  5. Leave the 'Type of new Site' as 'Guest' and click Continue.
  6. Fill in the form with the following values:
    • Site Label: HomeAdvisor
    • Site Name: HomeAdvisor
    • Active Site Home Page : HomeAdvisorPost
    • Leave all other fields blank
  7. Click Save
  8. On the Site Details screen, copy your company's 'Force.com Address' - this is the URL HomeAdvisor needs. But there is one more step! Be sure to format the URL correctly. Read these instructions carefully.
  9. Send an email to your representative at HomeAdvisor
    • Let them know you want to set up an integration with improveit! 360
    • Include the force.com web address of your company's site so that HomeAdvisor can post leads to it. Your web address should be formatted like this: http://<<Secure Web Address>>/i360__HomeAdvisorPost?
    • Be sure you replace the text «Secure Web Address» with your company's Force.com web address.
    • For example, if your company is ABC Remodeling, the finished URL would look something like this: http://ABCremodeling.force.com/i360__HomeAdvisorPost?