Gravityforms Integration for Wordpress

A Wordpress integration can be accomplished by using the Gravity Forms plugin.

To set it up:

  • Set up the eLead REST endpoint, (if it is not already set up).
  • In Gravity Forms, click the Gravity Form’s name and find the Confirmation tab. Click into that tab, and then change the Confirmation Message to Redirect.
  • In the text box below Redirect, fill in the name of the URL of the eLead endpoint for your company that was set up in the first step. It should look like:
  • Check the box "Pass Field Data Via Query String"
  • Now we have to build the query string that passes data to improveit! 360. Paste the following example query string in the box:
  • You can see that the format is basically fieldName1=fieldValue1, separated by the & character. Using the "Insert Form Field" drop down that Gravity Forms provides, replace each formField# value with the appropriate field from your form. If you aren't using one, just remove the formField# text.


  • The retURL value redirect the user to any page you want, letting the user know you go their form submission. Make sure you replace the retURL value with a page on your website.
  • The encoding=UTF-8 field is special and needs to always be included, so leave that part alone.
  • You can also add any additional fields you want. Use the table below to see what fields can be used. You can also add your own fields - if they are not recognized they will just get added to the 'Comments' of the eLead.