improveit! 360 has adapted the native 'Email-To-Salesforce' feature to work with the Prospects in improveit! 360. If you use a company-provided or third-party email account, you can use Email to Salesforce to assign emails to Prospects. When composing, forwarding, or replying to email, simply enter your Email to Salesforce address in the BCC field or any recipient field. The system receives a copy of the email and adds it to either the Activity History related list of the matching Prospect records or to the My Unresolved Items page, where you can manually assign it.

Admins: Enable Email-To-Salesforce

  1. Login as the Administrator
  2. Go to Setup | Email Administration | Email To Salesforce
  3. Click Edit
  4. Check Active
  5. Click Save
  6. Optional: Click Send Email Notification to send an email to all your users with instructions on how to use Email-To-Salesforce.

Users: Configure Email-To-Salesforce

Note: Each user has their own configuration

  1. Login with your normal login
  2. Click on the user's name at the to right of the page
  3. Click My Settings
  4. Click Email | My Email To Salesforce
  5. Check the option Always send them to My Unresolved Items
    • Don't worry, our system will actually attach them to the appropriate Prospect.
  6. Optional: Uncheck Email me confirmation of association. (Many users find the confirmation emails to be unnecessary.)
  7. Record the email address in the Your Email to Salesforce address box.
    • Tip: Add this email address as a contact in your email client.
  8. Forward emails that you want to record to this email address.