What is an eLead?

eLeads are a fast way to electronically push a lead into your improveit! 360 system from an external system, like a website or lead provider. eLeads prevent duplicates and send you alerts via email. When one is entered, the system automatically tries to match the eLead to an existing Prospect. If there is clearly not a match, a brand new Prospect and Lead Source is created. If a clear match is found, the matching Prospect record is used and a new Lead Source is added to it. If there is a fuzzy match, nothing is done, and you are asked to manually decide if the lead is a match or if it is completely new. In all cases, you are sent an email alerting you that a new eLead has been entered.

Turning on eLeads

By default, the eLead functionality is hidden for new customers. To turn it on:

  1. Login as the administrator
  2. Update the profiles so that the eLeads tab is set to 'Default off' or 'Default On'
  3. Go to the Settings tab and click on the Email subtab
  4. Change the drop down under 'When an eLead is received..' to eLead Notifications: eLead Received Notification and set an email address
  5. Change the drop down under 'When an eLead is received that has a requested Appointment…' to eLead Notifications: eLead Appointment Notification and set an email address
  6. Change the drop down under 'If there is a problem with an eLead…' to eLead Notifications: eLead Conversion Issue Notification and set an email address

Converting an eLead

Converting an eLead means to take the raw eLead data and turn it into a Prospect and Lead Source. Normally, this is done automatically in real-time without any intervention required. But if an eLead cannot be automatically converted due to a fuzzy match with some existing data, you will have to manually convert it. If there is a conversion problem, an email notification is sent out with a link to the eLead that needs attention.

To manually covert an eLead:

  1. Login as you normally would.
  2. Navigate to the eLeads tab
  3. Select the view labeled Unconverted
  4. Click on an eLead in the list
  5. Click Convert
  6. From the list of results, click Use next to the matching Prospect. If there are no matches, or none of the results look like a good match, click Create New and select Prospect