Custom Objects

The platform allows you to build your own custom objects, pages, and tabs to extend the functionality of improveit! 360. There are lots of resources on how to accomplish this on, so we will not cover that here.

What we will cover is how to associate your objects with our own objects and then display the related lists in our pages. For example, you could build a 'Cars' object to keep track of the cars owned by a Prospect, and have the list of cars they own show up on their Prospect detail page.

To build and display a related object:

  1. Create your object and add a lookup field to the object you want to associate it with (we assume you already know how to do this).
  2. Add the related list for the new object to the existing page layout
  3. Go to custom settings and create a new Related List Settings setting.
  4. The Name of the setting should be the API name of the object that the list will be displayed on - for example i360__Prospect__c
  5. In List 0 add the API Name of the related list - for example cars__r
  6. Additional related lists (up to 10 total) can be added using the other List # fields
  7. Save the custom setting. The system will immediately begin displaying the related list the next time the detail record is viewed.